PROSTIDUDE is an experiment to rehearse graphic design and combine 3 dissociated expressions:
1. Ancient VHS noise: something that really annoyed videotape users when it was the main video recording and playback format, but really works for video enthusiasts who want to give a vintage touch to their art.
2. Digital image glitching, file corruption: inspired by Justin Windle's bitmap byte alteration experiment and implemented in a mix (or in a mess) with VHS analogic noise to create a summation of damages.
3. Selfie World / Selfie Porn: any clarification on this? Shyness is out-of-style. Selfies are in. Great exposure and our constant search of positive feedback keeps us using the web as our intimate mirror. Maybe you don't have an Instagram account? ;-)
There’s a leitmotiv in the background, a history about a man who wants to be exposed and doesn’t hesitate to record himself all the time with his old VHS camcorder.
He writes poetry as well and allows us to glimpse through it as if he needed help and support, a kind of disguise to balance out the solitude and a not-so-silent offer of his body and soul themselves as commercial or prostitute interchange.
The names of each piece is inspired by the article "30 Words For Male Prostitute" by Danny Calvi in the famous and iconic BUTT magazine.
Icon attribution to: Miranda Dempster, Federico Panzano and Laurent Canivet at the Noun Project.
Photographed, edited and directed by José Juan Navalón @ Abstrait/Madrid. 2014.

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