Since I was a child I knew I wanted to design, when at the age of 10 I spent weeks saving 5,000 pesetas with my parents' pay to buy the Paintbrush IV software or when I programmed my own Arkanoid game in Basic for MS-DOS.
Now I accumulate more than 15 years of experience dedicated to UX/UI Design, specialized in Design Systems, UI Kits, Video Post-production, Digital Communication and Graphic Design from the first contact and ideation to final execution and maintenance.
I have worked for large companies, both in Madrid and Amsterdam, and as a freelancer, highlighting the creation of the Madrid Integrated Rail Transport Map (RFI), which achieved a great impact in newspapers and television.
I am passionate about photography, with my own studio gear, and a very freak of hard sci-fi, Almodóvar (a neighbour in La Mancha), the world of gaming and a true lover of books.
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