I've been working for Aena (the company managing Spanish airports) for 13 years as a UX/UI Designer.

During this time, I've been developing the company web presence as part of a specialized team. Together, we've expanded its small website to a great responsive web portal and a diversity of satellite sites for e-commerce, airline information and statistics, dedicated COVID-19 microsite, billing and commercial contracting, etc.

For this immense task, I've designed an important amount of web templates, a significant icon library and various sub-brands for Aena's different activities.

Aena Public Website
Aena Passenger Portal
Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport home
Public Transport information
Shops & Restaurants directory
VIP Lounges & services
Aena Market e-commerce sites: Food To Fly and Shop To Fly
Indoor Airport Wayfinding service
Aena Empresas
Billing and commercial contracting website
Info | COVID-19 dedicated website
Design System and designer-to-developer handoff
Designer-to-developer handoff and expansibility have been key to create the most versatile workflow for all the teams involved.

Digital order, hygiene and efficiency have led to the creation of an ambitious Design System to provide all eventual participants, stakeholders and studios the tools to preserve Aena's visual identity and coherence.
In order to achieve the highest possible efficiency, we've been studying the needs of airport passengers, designing customer journeys, field studies, personas, etc., using each and every one of the tools that UX design allows.
As part of the Brand development, we've designed all needed assets and an expansive icon library that delivers a visual option for most of the cases, from a simple airplane icon to a complex internal process such noise management, special passengers, climate conditions, each and every airport service, wayfinding directions, special UI functionalities, cartographic elements and buildings, etc... in a collection of more than 450 personalized icons.
To give a cohesive identity for every activity, I've expanded the branding to symbolize all segments of business such Aena VIP services, Aena Empresas (a platform to manage billing and commercial contracting), Aena Parking (a web for car park booking), Aena Club Cliente (loyalty program and benefits for passengers), Aena Ventures (acceleration program for startups), Aena Maps (cartographic and indoor wayfinding services), Aena Universum (a social network for international cooperation), Aena Market (3 e-commerce services for food take-away booking, click and collect and travelling), etc.

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